Welcome to the Department of Translation at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.

The Department of Translation is part of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana.  The department began operation in the academic year 1997/98, following three years of preparation as part of an international TEMPUS project.

In 2004 the department became a member of CIUTI, the International Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters. Apart from Charles University in Prague, the department is the only institution from Central and Eastern Europe meeting the required standards.

In 2005 the department has become a member of an international consortium EMCI (European Masters in Conference Intepreting), established by the interpreting service of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Only one institution per country can join the consortium, and the membership allows it to issue a European Masters certificate as well as enables our teachers and students to visit other distinguished institutions in the consortium.

In 2010 the MA Programme Translation was awarded a quality label for translation programmes at Master's level EMT. The label was given to MA Programme in Translation of the University of Ljubljana because it was assessed that it meets high quality standards for the education of translation students. The programmes in the network are periodically assessed and evaluated: the MA in Translation was awarded the certificate for two successive periods: from 2010 to 2014, and from 2014 to 2019.

The Department of Translation at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, is a founding and associate member of EULITA, the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association. During the project of the same name, the department helped write the statute of the association and organised a number of consultations. EULITA brings together legal interpreters and translators, judges and ministries of justice, while striving to ensure that EU residents have access to quality interpreting when they do not understand the language being used in a legal process. The association works to ensure that all EU member states offer the appropriate higher education, national examinations, protection for the profession of court interpreter/translator, appropriate remuneration and regular monitoring of the quality of their work. The project EULITA was followed by the project TRAFUT (Training for the Future), involving four European workshops to present the best educational practice from the education and training of court interpreters and translators. The first workshop took place in Ljubljana in November 2011, organised by the Department of Translation.

Types of study

The Department of Translation offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study. On the undergraduate level, the Department offers a three-year course in Interlinguistic Communication (BA), whereas on the postgraduate level, students can choose between an MA in Interpreting and an MA in Translation, and two joint MA degrees offered together with Austrian and French partner institutions. Postgraduate students can further pursue a PhD degree in Translation Studies.


Currently, there are over 540 students enrolled in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the Department. Our BA and MA degrees provide our students with a wide array of career opportunities.


The faculty of The Department of Translation numbers 30 lecturers and senior lecturers, assistants, and language assistants, qualified in the field of Translation Studies, and in Slovene, English, French, Italian, and German language. Covering a broad range of research interests, the members of the faculty are also part of numerous national and international research projects in translation studies and corpus linguistics.