The doctoral programme in Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana provides an extensive and in-depth approach to the study of the theoretical background to translating and interpreting, and the development of research methodology in the field. Within the framework of the interdisciplinary doctoral programme Humanities and Social Sciences, the subject field of Translation Studies offers obligatory and elective theoretical and methodological courses that cover different areas of theoretical, descriptive and applied TS, of intercultural comunnication, literary exchange, text fromation and discourse analysis, contrastive analysis, lexicology and terminology. An important part of elective couses focuses on IT: from corpus translation studies, computational lexicography and terminography to natural language processing. Its goal is the development of highly trained academics – researchers and lecturers qualified to conduct internationally comparable research into current theoretical and practical issues in translation studies.

Membership in the International Doctorate in Translation Studies Network

In 2016, the Translation Studies Track run by the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana within the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Humanities and Social Sciences was accepted as a foundation member of the International Doctorate in Translation Studies network, established by the European Society for Translation Studies (EST). The chief aim of the network is to foster international cooperation in the field of doctoral education in order to promote higher quality in student recruitment, program content and delivery as well as research design, publication, mobility and placement.