French V

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 60
Type: P, V

Course Description

Objectives and competences

The students develop the following:

advanced competences in French;

competences in language problem solving;

the ability to describe and theoretically analyse language principles;

competences in the use of adequate language resources;

the ability to identify the grammatical structure of French as the basis for practical translation;

the ability to analyse grammatical elements in a text.

Content (Syllabus outline)

French Grammar 5:

The subject consists of two sub-subjects:

a)      French Contrastive Grammar Lectures

b)      French Text Formation


Contrastive Grammar:

Students extend the grammar knowledge from

the previous 4 semesters of French grammar

with contrastive grammar of French and

Slovene. The stress is put on syntax and textual

grammar. They gain familiarity with the

translation-relevant contrastive analysis

methods and topics: syntax of the clause,

compound clause, coordination, subordination.

Expression of semantic relations within the

sentence: temporal, causal, concessive,

conditional, final clauses and related semantic

Elements of textual grammar in French and

Slovene, connectives, anaphora.

Contrastive grammar seminar:

Students put contrastive problematics in practice via seminars and exercises.


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Enrollment in the second year of Interlingual


Previous enrollment in the French IV course. 


French Contrastive Grammar Lectures 1:  (80% končne ocene)

Seminar (kolokvij 20% končne ocene)

Assessment scale: 6–10 (positive) or 1–5 (negative); in line with the

Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the faculty's examination rules.