French VI

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: S

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  • The students develop the following:
  • advanced competences in French;
  • competences in language problem solving;
  • the ability to describe and theoretically analyse language principles;
  • competences in the use of adequate language resources;
  • the ability to identify the grammatical structure of French as the basis for practical translation;
  • the ability to analyse grammatical elements in a text.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Seminar in French Contrastive Grammar:
Seminar work helps students upgrade their
grammatical competences gained during the
first two years of the cycle, on the basis of the
knowledge from the lectures on the contrastive
grammar between French and Slovene.
Chosen topics: syntax of the clause,
compound clause, coordination, subordination.
Expression of semantic relations within the
sentence: temporal, causal, concessive,
conditional, final clauses and related semantic
Elements of textual grammar in French and
Slovene, connectives, anaphora.


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  • SCHLAMBERGER BREZAR, Mojca, PERKO, Gregor, MEZEG, Adriana (2012): Syntaxe contrastive du
  • français et slovène. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, v tisku.
  • SCHLAMBERGER BREZAR, Mojca (2009): Povezovalci v francoščini: od teoretičnih izhodišč do analize v
  • diskurzu. Ljubljana: Oddelek za prevajalstvo Filozofske fakultete. Zbirka Prevodoslovje in uporabno
  • jezikoslovje.



Enrollment in the second year of Interlingual


Previous enrollment in the French V course. 



Assessment scale: 6–10 (positive) or 1–5 (negative); in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the faculty's examination rules.