Slovene-French interlingual communication 2

Credit points: 9
Contact hours: 120

Course Description

Objectives and subject-specific competences

  • Ability to work with dictionaries.
  • Ability to analyze, summarize, and form Slovene texts.
  • Acquiring skills in French text formation.
  • Acquiring basic skills in understanding general texts in French.
  • Learning about basic translation rules.

Description of content

Students reinforce their knowledge and skills gained in the first year in Slovene and French text formation and translation from French into Slovene; by working with selected general texts they familiarize themselves with translation problems and how to solve them.
Translating selected general texts with various functions from French into Slovene and vice versa.

Basic bibliography

Dictionaries in electronic or printed form:

  • Bajec, A. et al., eds. 1970–1985. Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika I–IV. Ljubljana: DZS.
  • Le Petit Robert, Dictionnaire de la langue française, Paris: Dictionnaire Le Robert, 1991.
  • Grad A. 1990. Francosko-slovenski moderni slovar, Ljubljana: DZS
  • Jesenik V., Dembskij N. 2001. Slovensko-francoski slovar, Ljubljana: DZS
  • Genouvrier,E., Désiral,C., Hordé, T. Nouveau dictionnaire des synonymes. Paris: Larousse
  • Dictionnaire des synonymes et contraires, H. Bertaud du Chazaud, Ed. Les Usuels du Robert
  • Le Grand Robert: Dictionnaire alphabétique et analogique de la langue française, Paris: Société du Nouveau Littré, 1953–1964, supplement 1970
  • Grand dictionnaire encyclopédique Larousse, Paris: Larousse, 1982–1985
    Other recommended literature: encyclopedias, lexicons, terminological dictionaries, and English-French bilingual dictionaries.

Conditions for inclusion or to undertake work required

Enrollment in the second year of the Interlingual Communication course.

Methods of assessment and the assessment scale

The final passing grade is the average of passing grades from both cycles. The grades from individual cycles are:

  • French idiomatics and stylistics: exam.
  • Interlingual communication from French into Slovene: assessment during the year (50% of the final grade), exam (50% of the final grade). A positive final grade requires an average of at least 6.0.

Assessment scale: 6–10 (positive) or 1–5 (negative); in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the faculty's examination rules.