English I

Credit points: 6
Contact hours: 105
Type: P, V

Main Instructor

dr. Neža Pisanski Peterlin, Associate Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences


The students develop the following:

  • advanced competences in English;
  • competences in language problem solving;
  • the ability to describe and theoretically analyse language principles;
  • competences in the use of adequate language resources;
  • the ability to identify the grammatical structure of English as the basis for practical translation;
  • the ability to analyse grammatical elements in a text;
  •  competences in English phonetics/phonology
  •  the ability to analyse prosodic features and sentence intonation
  • reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

Content (syllabus outline)

The course is divided into the following three units:

  1. a) English Grammar 1
  2. b) English Phonetics
  3. c) English Language practice 1

English Grammar 1:

Students gain familiarity with the rules of grammatical construction and the relationships between the constituents of a sentence. The course focuses on three levels of description: phrase structure, clause structure and sentence structure. 

English Phonetics:

The students gain familiarity with the fundamentals of English phonetics/phonology, the standard pronunciation of English (RP), the features of the English vowels and consonants, as well as the prosodic features of the English language.

English Language Practice 1:

  1. Speaking: pairwork, group discussion. Reading: working with original texts, comprehension exercises. Listening: working with audio texts, comprehension exercise. Writing: exploring the process of writing. The focus is on general and specialised vocabulary building, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs etc.


  • Greenbaum, Sidney in Randolph Quirk (1990) A Student's Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman.
  • Blaganje, Dana in Ivan Konte (1995) Modern English Grammar. Ljubljana: DZS.
  • Collins, B., Šuštaršič, R., Komar, S. (2002) Present-day English Pronunciation: A Guide for Slovene Students. Ljubljana: Filozofska fakulteta
  • Cruttenden, A. (2001) Gimson's Pronunciation of English. London: Edward Arnold
  • Cunningham, Gillie and Jan Bell (2009) Face2face Advanced Student's Book with CD-ROM. Cambridge: CUP 
  • Gude, Kathy and Michael Duckworth (2002) Proficiency Masterclass . Oxford: OUP.


Enrollment in the first year of Interlingual Communication.


The final grade consists of the average from the three subjects (English Phonetics, English Language,  Practice and English Grammar I). To pass, students must get a positive grade in:

  • English Phonetics: exam (40% of the final grade).
  • English Language Practice: Midterm tests: 40% and  final exam: 60%. (40% of the final grade.)
  • English Grammar I: Midterm test (20% of the final grade)

Assessment scale: 6–10 (positive) or 1–5 (negative); in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the faculty's examination rules.


Neža Pisanski Peterlin