Italian Language and Text I

Credit points: 6
Contact hours: 30
Type: P

Course Description

Objectives and competences

The students develop the following:

  • competences in recognizing various text types on the basis of their lexical characteristics;
  • advanced cultural and language competences in Italian language and culture;
  • professional competences in discursive terminology and analytical methods, as well as in practical knowledge of Italian structures;
  • the ability to theoretically analyse and comment on processes suitable for teaching and research purposes;
  • competences in the use of language resources and adequate computer and technological tools;
  • the ability to work individually and in a group and to apply the principles of professional ethics;
  • competences in spoken and written communication in Italian.

Content (Syllabus outline)

Students gain familiarity with the basic theoretical notions of Italian lexicology and the most important lexical features (polysemy, synonymy, antonymy, hyperonymy/hyponymy etc.), stratification and chronological variation, lexical structures of words and the relationship between lexis and grammar.

The course focuses on the main word-formation processes (affixation, composition, conversion) and their reflection in Italian, especially as they are used in various languages for special purposes.


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  1. Registration in the first year of the MA programme in Translation/Interpreting.


Written exam and seminar.