Italian: terminology and area-specific languages

Credit points: 6
Contact hours: 60
Type: P

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  • to understand the diversity of area-specific languages and terminological peculiarities in various areas;
  • to develop the ability to describe and analyze area-specific languages;
  • to understand the interdependence of texts related to area-specific languages and their dependence from the social and cultural context;
  •  to develop skills for translating and understanding Italian and Slovene texts from specific areas;
  • to provide practice in the use of computer and other technical aids useful in the profession;
  • to familiarize students with the methodology for solving translation problems related to business texts.

Content (Syllabus outline)

The course will focus on:
  • the fundamental notions of terminology in LSP, as well as the classification and basic characteristics of area-specific languages;
  • analysis of various text types from the viewpoint of the lexical, syntactic and pragmatic characteristics of area-specific languages;
  • the importance of terminological exactness;
  • the understanding of special-area languages;
  • the use of electronic aids in building terminological databases.


The course is based on materials produced or adapted by the lecturer.


Registration in the second year of the MA programme in Translation.


Written exam.