Research methods in translation studies

Credit points: 10
Contact hours: 60
Type: P

Course Description

Content of the course:

  • Purposes and goals of research
  • Nature of Translation Studies research, formulating research questions
  • Empirical and non-empirical Translation Studies
  • Empirical research methods in Translation Studies
    • choosing the method and describing the methodology
    • resource design and preparation
    • analysis of the translation and interpretation process (TAP, translog etc.)
    • statistics in Translation Studies
    • corpus-based methods
    • text and register analysis
    • interview and related techniques
    • surveys and questionnaires
  • Legal and ethical aspects of research
  • Terminology and terminology management
  • Academic writing: the process of writing and the structure of academic texts
    • scientific paper
    • doctoral thesis
  • Planning Translation Studies research projects and preparing a project proposal



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