Translation theories of the western world

Credit points: 10
Contact hours: 45
Type: P

Course Description


Students get acquainted with the historical development of translatological thought and with the main currents in the contemporary Translation Theory in the West. The topics and authors discussed are the following:

  • Antiquity (Cicero, St. Jerome)
  • The Renaissance and Reformation (Luther)
  • The Romantic (Schleiermacher)
  • The first half of the 20th century (Benjamin).

The contemporary currents discussed are the following:

  • Philosophical Theories of Translation, in particular the hermeneutical current and deconstruction in Translation Studies (George Steiner, Ezra Pound, Rosenzwieg, Derrida),
  • System-Oriented Approaches in Translation Studies (Even-Zohar, Toury, Lambert, Chesterman),
  • Functionalist Approaches to Translation Studies (Vermeer, Nord),
  • Cultural Turn in Translation Studies (Bassnett, Lefevere),
  • Cultural Materialism in Translation Studies (Venuti),
  • Post-Colonial Translation Studies (Trivedi, Niranjana, Tymoczko, Robinson),
  • Feminist Translation Theory (Simon, Von Flotow, Godard),
  • Sociological turn in Translation Studies (Daniel Simeoni)
  • Slovene translatological thought (Grosman, Vever, Kocijančič, N. K. Pokorn et al.).


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