Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: Lectures


dr. Špela Vintar, Full Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  1. Developing term formation skills in the mother tongue by exploring term formation processes in the mother tongue and other languages. Developing the ability to apply theoretical and practical principles of terminology and terminography to translation-oriented terminography.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  1. 1. Introduction to terminology science. Term - lexeme, term - concept. History of terminology science.
  2. 2. Concept systems, relations between concepts, writing definitions.
  3. 3. Term formation, borrowings, terminologisation.
  4. 4. Terminography. Types of terminoogy reference works.
  5. 5. Computer-assisted terminography, corpus-based methods, terminology management software.
  6. 6. Standards in terminology, data formats, XML and TBX.
  7. 7. Terminological analysis of specialised texts from the translator's perspective.


  1. M. Theresa Cabre: Terminology. Theory and Practice. John Benjamins, 2001.   
  2. Vintar, Š. (2008) Terminologija. Terminološka veda in računalniško podprta terminografija. Ljubljana: Filozofska fakulteta.  


  1. Registration in the first year of the MA programme in Translation.
  2. Assessment 

  1. Written exam.

Špela Vintar