Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: Lectures


dr. Silvana Orel Kos, Assistant Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  1. - to develop students' ability to learn about different subtitling strategies;
  2. - to develop the ability to recognize subtitling parameters;
  3. - to develop the ability to establish similarities and differences between translation of fiction and non-fiction texts;
  4. - to develop the ability of critical evaluation of theoretical approaches to subtitling;
  5. - to acquaint students with methods of and theoretical approaches to problem solving in subtitling.

Content (Syllabus outline)

The course presents characteristics of subtitling and provides a theoretical basis for seminar work in subtitling.

Course topics: outline history of subtitling; external parameters that affect subtitling: text-image synchronization, audience's reading skills; the average spectator; subtitles as part of a polysemiotic text; subtitle creation; condensation techniques in subtitles;  language used in subtitles as a special type of intersemiotic transfer; subtitling of various series and films; subtitling, dubbing and narration; captioning for the hearing-impaired.


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  1. Registration in the first year of the MA programme in Translation.


  1. Written examination.

Silvana Orel Kos