Bilingual lexicography

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 60
Type: Seminar Classes

Main Instructor

dr. Primož Jurko, PhD, Associate Professor


dr. Primož Jurko, Associate Professor

Course Description


    • Introduction to basic lexicographical  terminology
    • Foregrounding of differences between monolingual and multilingual approaches to lexicography
    • Developing basic lexicographical skills


      • Introduction and basic terminology of the field
      • Prolerties of the lexicographical description of a language
      • Typology of contemporary lexicographical reference tools
      • The role of dictionary users and their need
      • Analysis and comparison of various types of dictionaries
      • Macrostructure of a bilingual dictionary
      • Microstructure of a bilingual dictionary
      • Current trends in biligual lexicography
      • Compiling a mock bilingual dictionary entry


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      Conditions for participation in the course or for the fulfilment of course requirements

      Enrollment in the second year of study.

      Types of assessment and forms of marking

      Written exam.

      Forms of marking: 6-10 or A-E (positive grade), 1-5 or F (negative grade); the grade is positive if the average is at least 6.0. The assessment follows the regulations defined by the senate of the Faculty of Arts and that by the University of Ljubljana.

      Primož Jurko