Translating technical and scholarly texts

Credit points: 0
Contact hours: 60


dr. Tamara Mikolič Južnič, Assistant Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences

The course will focus on:

  • analysis of existing translations and working with texts in order to develop different translation strategies for technical and academic texts;
  • understanding texts both in Slovene and in Italian, especially in instances of syntactic and cognitive complexity caused by the technical nature of the text;
  • the role of intertextuality, the conventions of translating technical and academic texts;
  • various translation strategies, both text-related and systemic;
  • the importance of target users' expectations and norms.

Content (Syllabus outline)


The course is based on materials produced or adapted by the lecturer, there is no set literature. However, students are expected to have access to various mono and bi-lingual dictionaries. Some of them are the following:
1.         Bajec, A. et al., ur. 1970-1985. Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika I-IV. Ljubljana: DZS.
2.         Enojezični italijanski slovar; študent lahko izbira med slovarji večjih italijanskih založb: Zanichelli, Garzanti itd.
3.         Šlenc, S. 1997. Veliki italijansko-slovenski slovar. Ljubljana: DZS.
4.         Kotnik, J. 1986. Slovensko-italijanski slovar. Ljubljana: DZS.
Other useful aids:
Fabjan Bajc, D. 1994. Lažni prijatelji/I falsi amici.  Slovensko italijanski slovar paronimov/Vocabolario italiano-sloveno dei paronimi. Trst: Mladika.
Fabjan Bajc, D.  Dve muhi na en mah/Due piccioni con una fava, slovensko-italijanski frazeološki slovar/Vocabolario fraseologico sloveno-italiano. Celje: Mohorjeva družba.
Merkù, P. 1999. Slovenska krajevna imena v Italiji/Toponimi sloveni in Italia. Trst: Mladika.
Več avtorjev. 1994. Tematski slovar poslovnih izrazov in fraz v šestih jezikih: nem., angl., špansko, franc., ital. in slov., Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba. 
And also: dictionaries of synonyms, picture dictionaries, encyclopaedias, LSP dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries with other language combinations.


Registration in the second year of the MA programme in Translation.


Students are required to do translations and seminars for homework or in class as tests (50 % of the final grade); examination (50%).


Tamara Mikolič Južnič