Translation technologies

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: Seminar Classes


dr. Špela Vintar, Full Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  1. Train students to independently acquire new technological skills,
  2. develop the competence of critically using existing translation memory tools,
  3. develop the awareness of the role of technologies in today's language industry,
  4. fuel curiosity about novel language technologies and the perspectives they offer.

Content (Syllabus outline)

  1. 1. Translation Technologies - overview
  2. 2. Translation Memory Tools
  3. 3. File formats and standards: XLIFF, TBX, TMX
  4. 4. SDL Trados Studio:
  5.    a) translation of a simple project
  6.    b) translating with an existing TM
  7.    c) translating PDF documents
  8.    d) managing TMs
  9.    e) translation project management
  10.    f) terminology work with MultiTerm
  11. 5. QA tools
  12. 6. Localisation tools
  13. 7. Language technologies and translation
  14. 8. Machine translation
  15. 9. SDL certification exam


Jost Zsetsche: The Translator's Toolbox. A Computer Primer for Translators. Online Edition 2011,

Priročniki SDL Trados Studio in SDL MultiTerm.


  1. Registration in the first year of the MA programme in Translation.


  1. Exam in the PC lab.

Špela Vintar