Thesis Preparation Course and MA seminar

Credit points: 0
Contact hours: 15
Type: Lectures


dr. Vojko Gorjanc, Full Professor

Course Description

Objectives and competences

  • Ability to use a coherent terminological apparatus;
  • Ability to form termini in English;
  • Ability of argumentation in discourse;
  • Awareness of the plurality of different research methods in Interpreting Studies
  • Developing the ability to use and interpret research results.
  • Developing the capacity for identifying and solving problems occurring in individual research.
  • Acquiring the ability for individual work with information/communication technologies.
  • Developing the skills necessary for oral and written communication and argumentation in discourse.

Content (Syllabus outline)

The course is divided into two units:
a) Preparing an MA thesis: The students are presented with research work in Translation Studies: The connections between theoretical foundations, research methods and interpretation of results.
b) The MA seminar is meant as preliminary work towards writing the final dissertation: subject selection, dissertation overview, collecting material and selecting relevant literature, research planning and implementation, empirical analysis, text formatting. Oral presentation in the context of the seminar.


1. WAGEN, Keith van. Writing a Thesis: Substance And Style. Arizona State University, 1991.
2. WILLIAMS, Jenny and Andrew Chesterman: The Map. A Beginner's Guide to Doing Research in Translation Studies. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2002.
3. KOCIJANČIČ POKORN, Nike (ur.): Sodobne metode v prevodoslovnem raziskovanju. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete, 2009.
4. CIUTI-Forum 2010: global governance and intercultural dialogue: translation and interpreting in a new geopolitical setting. Martin Forstner & Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (eds). Bern: P. Lang, 2011.
5. Modelling the field of community interpreting: questions of methodology in research and training. Claudia Kainz, Erich Prunč, Rafael Schögler (eds.). Dunaj: Lit Verlag, 2011.


Enrolment in the second year of Interpreting (MA).


The final grade is an average of grades obtained at both units:
a) Preparing an MA thesis: written assignment (50 % of the final grade)
b) MA seminar: written assignment with class presentation (50 % of the final grade)
Forms of marking: 6-10 or A-E (positive grade), 1-5 or F (negative grade); the grade is positive if the average is at least 6.0. The assessment is in line with the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and the examination regulations of the Faculty of Arts.

Vojko Gorjanc